Ghana Programme

Our programme in Ghana is designed to build capacity in both teacher education colleges and associated schools.  Our partners in Ghana come from a variety of Irish and international missionary congregations who work closely with the Government.  The reasonably well developed education system in Ghana, along with the presence of a significant missionary teacher training network of Colleges, allows for the testing of new ideas and methodologies, while at the same time supports interventions in more northern reaches of the country which have not yet benefited from the advances witnessed in larger cities such as Accra.



Volunteering Process

  • Global Schoolroom begins recruiting volunteers at the beginning of each School year and continues through the first School term.

  • ​Those interested in applying for a place should complete the online application form above.

  • A short list of candidates is drawn up and called for interview.

  • Successful candidates are then requested to provide a Doctors letter confirming that they are fit to travel, they must clear Global Schoolroom’s Garda vetting procedure and commit to part-funding the cost of the trip to the tune of €3000.

  • Successful candidates sign A Volunteer Declaration and commit to upholding all relevant Global Schoolroom policies and procedures.

  • Those chosen then begin a pre-departure training process where they familiarise themselves with the content of the modules to be covered during the summer programme.

  • During these sessions, which typically take place over a number of weekends, new volunteers will have a chance to interact with former and returning volunteers.

  • Global Schoolroom also provides necessary medical advice through their medical advisor in the Tropical Medical Bureau (

  • Flights, transfers, food and accommodation is provided.

  • Accommodation is offered in a variety of small hotels and guesthouses.

  • Travel Insurance is provided.


Policies and Procedures 

All current Volunteer Policies can be viewed here


The health and safety of our volunteers is taken very seriously.  A number of activities take place throughout the year to prepare volunteers for the context in which they will be working and the necessary precautions they need to take.