Sierra Leone Programme

We are currently working in Sierra Leone to develop a template for teacher education and school leadership.  The three-year pilot programme is targeting 120 teachers and 20 school leaders from schools in Makeni and Kono and working in collaboration with them, to produce a template for teacher professional development and leader support.  We hope for eventual integration with the State education infrastructure.



Volunteering Process

  • Global Schoolroom begins recruiting volunteers at the beginning of each School year and continues through the first School term.

  • ​Those interested in applying for a place should complete the online application form above.

  • A short list of candidates is drawn up and called for interview.

  • Successful candidates are then requested to provide a Doctors letter confirming that they are fit to travel, they must clear Global Schoolroom’s Garda vetting procedure and commit to part-funding the cost of the trip to the tune of €3000.

  • Successful candidates sign A Volunteer Declaration and commit to upholding all relevant Global Schoolroom policies and procedures.

  • Those chosen then begin a pre-departure training process where they familiarise themselves with the content of the modules to be covered during the summer programme.

  • During these sessions, which typically take place over a number of weekends, new volunteers will have a chance to interact with former and returning volunteers.

  • Global Schoolroom also provides necessary medical advice through their medical advisor in the Tropical Medical Bureau (

  • Flights, transfers, food and accommodation is provided.

  • Accommodation is offered in a variety of small hotels and guesthouses.

  • Travel Insurance is provided.


Policies and Procedures 



​All current Volunteer Policies can be viewed here 

The health and safety of our volunteers is taken very seriously.  A number of activities take place throughout the year to prepare volunteers for the context in which they will be working and the necessary precautions they need to take.​​